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Our Team

Joanna Mann

Foundress and Manageress

My personal story: why Almost Family?


“When my mother contracted dementia some years ago, I noticed how difficult it was to find swift and competent relief. Namely a truly permanent relief and one that also caters for the patient emotionally. It was a very burdensome time for me and I made it a personal obligation to help other people on the same journey.


Elderly people really need somebody they can trust and rely on but also somebody who listens to them. But also, younger folk can get sick and be confined to bed for protracted periods of time. Just as sickness and accidents know no boundary, so we too know no boundary.

The human being is at the centre of our attention and not his age nor his complaints.”

Anna Lubas

Care Manageress

I look after the Care & Case Management with Almost Family.


I help to estimate the nursing and care requirements you will need. As a fully qualified psychiatric nurse I am always at your disposal in questions regarding the type and extent of care services.

I have been working in all aspects of that industry for 15 years now.


I have also personally experienced the challenges that a nursing case within one`s own family means.

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Our Approach

We are a placement agency for all people who are looking for any kind of domestic support. It does not matter if you are young, old, ill or heathy - there are always situations in which you require immediate support.

When selecting our care personnel, we always pay attention to their backgrounds, preferences, interests and values.

With us, those come together who also fit together.

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